Barrio Portuondo, 4.
48360. Mundaka (Bilbao).

Telf.: +34 944 424 689.



We organize trips.
We organize events.
Our trips are events, and our events are trips...
We are very specialized in the “meeting industry”. This means that we organize incentives, meetings, product presentations and launches, and really any kind of event for corporate clients.
A team of professionals with different abilities and knowledge but certainly with common characteristics: experience, creativity, engagement and passion.
We work from experience and from creativity but really with our feet on solid ground and with passion, much passion.
We are obsessed with personalizing our proposals, focusing on details and achieving successful results.
We orient our work towards the full satisfaction of our clients, to staying faithful and professional with our partners, and certainly to keep enjoying our work.
We work throughout Spain, feeling at home especially in Bilbao and in Barcelona, our cities.
First of all since when: since 1998,although the experience of the staff dates from way before 1998. Yes, in all honesty, in the team we sum up quite a few years! And when? ALWAYS. The “time” factor is important in stop: immediate response time after we first get a request, time dedicated to ourclients, time we release our clients from, reaction time when we are operating an event.

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