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28020 – Madrid

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Telf.:+34  93 222 05 69


VOQIN’ comes from the idea of “provoking meaningful emotions”, the core drive that pushes us as a company to do better and work harder. 
A human-centric approach that combines strategy, creativity and flawless execution to deliver truly engaging experiences for an ever-changing world.

 We don’t follow rules.

We follow feelings.

 Our beliefs:

  • Business can be transformed
  • Rules are made to be challenged
  • Never settle for a “meh” reaction
  • Always think bold
  • Working as a pack is better than operating as a lone wolf
  • Embrace difference and diversity
  • Defy all misconceptions

Following two years of merging operations in Portugal, Spain, Brazil and Florida, destination management company Events by TLC and event production company Case have rebranded as one company, VOQIN' Experiences & Events. The new company has 140 employees operating in four countries and plans in excess of 300 events per year. 

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