Canary Islands


Canarias "the best stage for your event"

Canary Islands as destination for Conferences and Events

The Canary Islands constitute some of the most beautiful, varied and exotic scenery in Spain. Due to their location, one could say that the Canary Islands are a unique tropical paradise in Europe. The exceptional climate has earned the Islands the title of "The Fortunate Islands" as climate is temperate through-out the year.
The Canary Islands has a gentle sunny climate with unique and beautiful landscapes that make it the destination choice for many visitors across Europe to spend their holidays every year. In addition to this, it is a great location to hold an event in an original, comfortable and friendly setting.
The Canary Islands offers de-luxe hotels, great Conference Centres, and alternative outstanding locations for meetings to ensure the success of any event.

Reasons to choose the Canary Islands

  • Modern international airports that ensure excellent direct flights to Europe's main cities.
  • An average temperature of 22 degrees throughout the year means outdoor activities can be enjoyed year-round.
  • Outstanding microclimates that create unique landscapes in every island.
  • Modern avant-garde conference centres with flexible, divisible interiors - some with a capacity for up to 4,000 people.
  • One of the best accommodation networks in Europe in 4- and 5-star hotels.
  • Many options for social programmes and days out: including unique whale watching, historical cities and the 4 National Parks one of them declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  • Alternative meeting locations in picturesque spots such as banana plantations, ancient houses, wineries, historical museums...
  • Low taxes. The Canary Islands offers major tax incentives and is located in a Special Zone (ZEC). Local current indirect taxes at present time are a maximum 7%.
  • The safety of an exotic destination in a European setting. The same currency and the best quality of services.


Tenerife "the island of eternal spring"

Tenerife Island is the one which offers the greatest variety of contrast of the Archipelago. The variations in altitude provide a varied scenery and wonderful sensation of being able to swim in the warm ocean while contemplating, in the distance the snow capped mountain-top of the TEIDE Volcano, the highest mountain in Spain and World Heritage by The Unesco. This beauty means half of the island's territory is protected by strict environmental regulations ensuring their conservation.
The selection of accommodation in Tenerife (one of the largest in Europe especially for 4- and 5-star hotels) is the perfect match for any Meeting, Incentive or Special Events. The array of establishments is internationally renowned for their quality and services. 2 modern airports located in the north and south of the Island; Avant-garde facilities and buildings to host conference or event that combine standout architectural design and accredited capacity to host any type of event, whether for small groups or large functions.


The counterpoint to this ultramodern groundbreaking designs is the towns and villages with their beautiful historical centres such as La Laguna, a Unesco World Heritage Site.
The added extra is the wide range of Tours and Activities that guests can enjoy in the Island: Whale Watching and Dolphins in the natural habitat, sailing, diving, water sports, trekking, golf, bikes, jeep tour, outdoor team building activities,... and much more which provide unforgettable experiences for guests.
Sheer cliffs and sandy beaches, little villages that remind one of the past and modern installations ready to receive the visitors from abroad. Contrasts and more contrasts in the Island of eternal spring: TENERIFE.


Gran Canaria "the miniature continent"

The Island of Gran Canaria is the third biggest of the archipelago with a surface area of 1.532 km² travelling from the coast. Towards the centre the island becomes higher, in various different parts of the island there are dessert areas, sandy beaches and mountains with lush tropical vegetation.
Gran Canaria offers meeting planners, trade fairs and incentive trips, a sea of possibilities for any event, on an island of good weather. A close destination, with good communications, modern infrastructures and a varied and attractive landscape. One of the most traditional tourist destinations in Europe, with extensive organizational experience. In Gran Canaria you can come up with the best social events programme possible. The island offers a wealth of landscapes and a complete range of leisure activities in completely different scenarios: at sea, on the beaches, or in the green and mountainous interior of the island, filled with small villages full of charm.


Hotel hospitality in Gran Canaria has a highly diverse range: complete and modern facility establishments of the highest quality by the sea, surrounded by an ocean of beaches; as well as an excellent range of city hotels. Guests can also choose between historic hotels or establishments in rural settings, surrounded by mild ever-changing nature.
In order to host trade fairs, business meetings and presentations, the island has a modern network of conference centres.
A great range of accommodation and conference offer combined with the excellent connections of Gran Canaria with almost any European destination. Gran Canaria has one of the main airports in Spain, with numerous flights that connect with virtually all major Spanish and European cities. Together with wide ranging routes, frequencies and operating companies to the island.


Lanzarote "the volcanic island"

Lanzarote is the most northerly of the Canary Islands and it has a surface area of 796 sq. Kms. and over 80.000 inhabitants. Lanzarote, like the other islands in the chain, is of volcanic origin. The countless volcanic cones and scorched valleys are the outstanding features of a mysterious, lunar landscape whose very contemplation is a unique experience.
Lanzarote has featured as an ideal destination for Conventions, Incentives and Conferences. An Island which has consolidated its reputation among a large variety of other leisure resorts hosting such events and which meets the highest standards required by national & international companies.
At the same time, the island offers visitors unique landscapes and tourist attractions of unsurpassable beauty created by nature and enhanced by man in total harmony. Views of sea and lava extending to the distant horizon, mountains of fire and sand which have seemingly jumped out from a surreal painting leave visitors plenty of visual treasures that will never fade from the memory.


This, combined with a warm temperature climate allowing visitors to enjoy sunshine and beaches whatever the time of year, converts the island into a unique destination for holding meetings of any kind.
Lanzarote is also blessed with a high standard of service which offers both the public and private sector a guaranteed successful outcome of any Convention, Incentive or Conference organized on the island.
Lanzarote astounds the visitor with its volcanic landscape, lovely beaches and parched earth; no less surprising is the effort and determination shown by the islanders in their struggle to survive in such hostile surroundings. They have turned farming into a work of art whose most typical example can be seen in the fields around La Geria, where green vines sprout from black lava.