Advantages of using a DMC


Why organize your event in Spain in conjunction with a member of SpainDMCs?. Contracting the services of a DMC to assist with the logistics and operation of events, conventions, meetings or incentive programmes is like having a temporary extension of your own office in the destination where the event is to be held, with a team of local professionals at your disposal just for the time you need them, from the initial planning stage through to execution.

SpainDMCs only accepts the best DMCs as members in the conviction that the extensive operational experience and detailed destination knowledge these companies represent will make a tangible contribution to the success of any event in which they collaborate. Furthermore, members of Spain DMCs offer:

  • LEGALITY: All of them are official Travel Agencies which, according to current legislation, are the only entities with the exclusive right to put together and market the types of services described.
  • RISK COVER: All of SpainDMCs’ members are bonded and most have liability insurance policies in place which far exceed the statutory minimum requirements placed on travel agencies by Spanish law.
  • SPECIAL AGREEMENTS Based on the collective bargaining power of the Association’s members, several agreements have been signed with hotel chains and other suppliers to secure the best possible rates.
  • SOLVENCY SpainDMCs rigorously vets its members to be confident of their financial stability and ethical working practices.
  • DESTINATION KNOWLEDGE Our members live and breathe their business seven days a week and nobody is in a better position to know how everything works at a local level and how best to get things done.
  • GOOD CONTACTS: One of the DMC’s most important roles in delivering memorable events is to “know someone in the know” i.e. to have influential contacts with local authorities and suppliers who can help to achieve things which, at first sight, seem impossible.
  • ETHICAL COMMITMENT: All members are obliged to operate in line with the Association’s approved code of ethics and professional conduct.